Why Flora Marble?

Flora Marble - Importers, Manufacturers & Suppliers
Flora Marble, established in 1994, makes its business to import and trade the finest quality of marble for the discerning customer. Our objective is to ensure that our customers always receive what they want. It all began back in 1994, when Flora Marble decided that the Indian Market deserved top quality marble, and visited Italy personally to authenticate the marble, explore new designs and even cut costs. From that day on, Flora Marble has gone strength to strength and have never looked back.

The quality of marble is rival to any in the International Markets in terms of color, consistency and strength, and is imported from leading producers of Italy, Greece, Spain, Iran, Turkey, Portugal, Oman etc.

Highlights :
1. Largest Stockholder of Omani Marble in India.
2. First to introduce the concept of Agglomerated Marble in India.
3. Worldwide Importers from Italy, Greece, Spain, Iran, Turkey, Portugal, Oman etc.

In the year 2002, we have formed a partnership firm named 'Mahavir Industries' and set up a factory for processing imported marble at Silvassa. We proceeded to import the latest machinery from Italy, Germany and Japan in order to maximize quality and efficiency. Its now become a private limited firm by the name 'Flora Marmo Industries Pvt. Ltd.'

In this short span, not only Flora Marble is recognized amongst the leading players in the Indian Marble Industry, but it has also multiplied our Original Capacities by 150% and have further expansion in the pipeline.

Flora Marble is identified today as one of the leaders in Italian marble industries. We are renowned for our ability to take any job, regardless of the quantity and assure completion of the work in the specified time frame, never once compromising on the quality. We have a track record of completing projects on time by matching the quality specification of client.

The Company has enough storage facilities to store the daily high volume production and optimum stock to supply the demand without delay.