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The Factory comprises of highly advanced and latest technology machineries and equipments and are able to perform all requirements of any type of projects, quickly and efficiently. With the latest machineries & technology, the support equipments are imported from Germany & Japan to optimize efficiency and meet stringent deadlines.

The factory is one of the biggest in India, with high production capacity. Big marble slabs are cut into small sizes and polished with sophisticated equipments to lend a superior finish. Slabs are cut into required sizes and polished by highly trained staff to achieve maximum gloss.

Proper co-ordination between the imports and factory enables a planned production system. Loading trucks and cranes are kept on stand by for effective transportation.


The Company has enough storage facilities to store the daily high volume production and optimum stock to supply the demand without lapse of time. Usage of re-cycled water with modern technology in all stages of operations is one of an example for the company's dedication towards environmental safeguard measures.